Diploma In Christian Leadership Coaching – Course Details

DLCDEL001 – Deploy emerging leaders and implement a leadership training framework

This unit is about designing and delivering a leadership program for your organisation; a program with training components, resourcing, and evaluating your plan; and assessing how others navigate leadership from the “5 Domains of Leadership” textbook.

DLCICL001 – Plan and implement Christian leadership coaching culture in the organisation

This unit is about changing the organisation culture so that coaching at all levels is the way the organisation works.

DLCDIL001 – Design and implement leadership coaching programs

This unit requires the participant to coach key leaders in the organisation for a one-year period, and assist them in turn to coach their own team.

DLCELT001 – Explore leadership transitions and coach leaders through transitions

This unit requires the participant to identify a leader going through transition, and coach that leader through her or his transition phase.

BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

This unit is about designing and managing all the aspects of an organisational plan.

BSBMGT402 – Implement operational plan

This unit is about the implementation of the organisational plan – the roll-out.

DLCIAS001 – Investigate and apply the self-concept in the coaching context

This unit enables participants to examine their family of origin – and thus also themselves.

DCLILD001 – Implement leadership development disciplines

This unit enables participants to develop the roles and goals to implement effective leadership disciplines.

DLCIMC001 – Identify causes of conflict and management conflict responses in leadership contexts

This unit enables participants to identify conflict, understand conflict, and develop constructive and proactive strategies to manage conflict towards positive outcomes.

DLCVCB001 – Verify client behaviours and ethics with spiritual sensitivity

This unit explores a client’s personal style, their own intuition, the role of the Holy Spirit, and the necessity of unambiguous personal boundaries.